Jose Mier Shares Best Sources for Fire Info

Sun Valley Residents Take Note

I wanted to add this information to Jose Mier Sun Valley .com because we are still in the midst of a devastating fire season especially the nearby Bobcat fire which is still raging as I write this.

I try to find the most relevant information I can to share with Sun Valley residents and one of the things I do is look for information find nearby fires affect us directly or indirectly. Two of the sites I use most often are CalFire and the Los Angeles Fire department websites. If you navigate through the CalFire website to the incidents page you’ll see an interactive map with icons to noting locations of fires throughout the state and clicking on one will provide you with the most recent information about that particular fire. Fires are also listed on the right hand side of this page by name and you can also click on one of those to get the same information.

The Los Angeles Fire Department website is also helpful since it has information concerning greater Los Angeles of which we are part. You can read about the latest fire incidents in our area but I also like this website because it allows us to sign up for alerts which could be very helpful especially during this frightening fire season period

If you haven’t investigated these two websites I urge you to do so and sign up for alerts because our hillsides continue to dry out in Sun Valley is always at the risk of fire especially during the hot summer months.

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Jose Mier Shares Best Sources for Fire Info
Jose Mier discusses the online resources Sun Valley residents have to find out about local fires. This includes the CalFire and LAFD websites.
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