sun valley chamber domain for sale jose mier

Sun Valley Area Chamber of Commerce

Badly in Need of Leadership And a Website

Jose Mier Sun has long promoted our local economy and business, and one of the resources that’s often very important for local businesses is the local Chamber of Commerce. Unfortunately, Sun Valley does not seem to have Chamber of Commerce anymore. If you do a search for the Sun Valley Chamber of Commerce you’ll find the Google my Business listing complete with a button to the Chamber’s website. However, click the button and you’re taken to a domain registrar with a message on the page saying that the domain name is for sale. By the way that domain

sun valley chamber domain for sale jose mier
sun valley chamber domain for sale jose mier

Yet another search on Google brought me to the Chambers of Commerce website which lists all the different chambers of commerce throughout the country. One of those is supposed to be the Sun Valley Area Chamber of Commerce. Indeed there is a listing for this organization as well as its website. This domain, however, is different: But just like with the other domain name this want to leads to a for sale sign.

second sun valley ca chamber domain name for sale jose mier
second sun valley ca chamber domain name for sale

All this is quite depressing for Sun Valley  businessman like myself. I would love to network with other Sun Valley businesspeople. Without a Chamber of Commerce in our community we’re forced to make use of other chambers of commerce such as the Burbank Chamber of Commerce or North Hollywood chamber. That’s really not the best option so I look forward to somebody taking the reins of leadership and reestablishing the Chamber of Commerce here in our own community.

The thriving Chamber of Commerce is a good sign that the business community is in good shape in a particular city. If we look at our neighbor Burbank, they just celebrated 100 years of their chamber and it’s still going strong. Sun Valley may not have the prestige or clout of a Burbank but we still have our share of business and we need an organization to protect those interests look out for the businesspeople of our own community. Will anyone step up to this challenge?

Sun Valley Area Chamber of Commerce
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Sun Valley Area Chamber of Commerce
Jose Mier writes of the local chamber of commerce which does not seem to exist. Two of it's web domains are currently up for sale.
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