Jose Mier screen grab of Avion Burbank video

Is Avion Burbank Project Stalled?

Jose Mier Observes Little Progress

On my latest drive down Hollywood way through Sun Valley California in Burbank I took a moment to gauge the progress of the Evian Burbank project. Readers of this blog know that I often post updates because this is such an important construction project in our area.

Jose Mier screen grab of Avion Burbank video
Jose Mier screen grab of Avion Burbank video

However, it was troubling to see very little, if any, difference in the progress in the buildings compared to my last drive-by in September. The exteriors of the two main buildings that face Hollywood Way seem to be in the exact same condition—not fully complete —as they were one month ago.

I’m not privy to all the details of the construction project and I can’t tell if work is being done inside the buildings but as far as the outside goes it looks like work has stopped.

Another Sun Valley Avion tour by Jose Mier

The group of smaller buildings that are located closer to Sun Valley, almost bordering San Fernando Rd., appear to have no exterior work done. They remain naked concrete structures with no paint applied. It remains to be seen in the following months how quick progress will proceed on this project. On a personal note, I just find it exciting to see the next wave of construction take place each time I drive past Avion Burbank.  I want to see the buildings go from nothing or unfinished to what they look like in the artistss conception on the Avion Burbank website.

Continue to check back here often as I will continue to update the Evian Burbank progress from month to month.

Is Avion Burbank Project Stalled?
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Is Avion Burbank Project Stalled?
Jose Mier tours Sun Valley's Avion Burbank construction project once again to gauge its progress. It appears to be in the same state as one month ago.
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