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Eliminating Cancer Risks Among Latinos

Jose Mier Shares Insight with Sun Valley Neighbors

Jose Mier is a typical Hispanic name and as you might guess living here in Sun Valley California with a high percentage of Latinos the amount of Mexican food consumed here substantial. Now it goes without saying that many Mexican dishes are fried. Other dishes like Carne Asada or beef tacos include red meat.  All of these we are told to to contribute to an increased cancer risk.

So what is a Latino like myself or any of the other members of the Hispanic community here is Sun Valley California to do? Do we give up our culinary heritage in favor of possibly better health?  Well let’s discuss it. It’s pretty simple to get rid of red meat even chicken or other poultry dishes from your diet. If like me you want to reduce cancer risk– Especially if it runs in your family—the one thing you should look at it is illuminating red meat.

What are some alternatives to red meat?  Well, there are things like scallops or shrimp. But you know, even seafood can be a risk factor. Consider the environment that these fish or shellfish are caught in. Is it as clean as can be? Considering that are trash kits dumped into the ocean a lot of times and not into our landfills, along with oil tanker mishaps and others spills,  our seafood can be affected by these things.  Some studies have shown that there are high levels of mercury in fish and other seafood so that it may even be a danger to Women who want to get pregnant.

Screenshot Jose Mier Red Meat Search
Screenshot Jose Mier Red Meat Search

So for us may want to steer clear of red meat and seafood there are vegetarian options. You can be as strict or is loose as you want with the amount of me that you eat or conversely, the amount of vegetables that you eat in place of that. You can of course use plant-based meat substitutes instead of red meat to make those delicious tacos, and enchiladas or anything else that Mexican cooking relies on. It’s up to you.

For the Jose Mier family, yes we do Monitor our intake of fried food as well as red meat. We make sure that it’s not something were eating every day and we do eat more seafood and vegetables. It’s difficult to break that cultural routine and give up those dishes better both so flavorful and which remind us of our childhood for our ancestors. I’m a big proponent of trying to eat healthy but with moderation in all things. I’m not going to give up my carne Asada totally,  nor am I giving up my street tacos. I will however, take a day or two where I eat more vegetables in their place. It’s good all around because I’m getting the vitamins and minerals that I need from those plants I am consuming and I still get to eat my favorite foods– Just in moderation.

If cancer runs in your family that you need to make some dietary changes there are many helpful websites where you can get the information that you need. And you can also speak with your doctor who will recommend specific dietary changes. If you are in search of a healthier you, just know that Jose Mier is there besides you— Even if in spirit–trying to reach the same goal that you are.

Eliminating Cancer Risks Among Latinos
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Eliminating Cancer Risks Among Latinos
Eliminating Cancer Risks Among Latinos is important to Jose Mier in Sun Valley, CA. Reducing the amount of red meat is a great start.
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