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August Sets Record Temps in Sun Valley

Jose Mier Running A/C Constantly

I had to chuckle recently as I was looking for Los Angeles and Sun Valley California average temperatures. I stumbled upon which lists the average temperatures in Los Angeles. It tells me did August in September are warm. That’s an understatement. August has been a rather disgusting months for Sun Valley. With temperatures in the upper 90s, smoke from fires and high humidity these truly are dog days.

thermometer image on jose mier sun valley site
Jose Mier has had it with August’s high temps!

Of course when you’re looking for Los Angeles temperatures it’s going to be a bit cooler than Sun Valley. Whoever collects the weather data must do it close to the ocean because those temperatures are about 10° lower than what we are experiencing here in our community. I don’t know what it is about the San Fernando Valley once once you get over The hills and away from downtown Los Angeles add a next or 10° to any weather forecast.

An unexpected aspect of the higher temperatures is that it may eat in, so to speak, to the business that restaurants are doing. As you know in California in Los Angeles in particular or is no inside dining currently. Restaurants that can have scrambled to provide some sort of outdoor dining for their customers. That means we’re dining alfresco and some of us may not want to go outdoors. Especially now with higher temperatures higher humidity and haziness in the air as a result of some of the local fires.

It pays to say it again: Sun Valley is hot!

There’s always an aspect of unforeseen consequences whenever any politician makes some pronouncement. In this case the fact that were not allowed to nine indoors coupled with the heat in other weather conditions are another blow to the business community, especially our restaurants.

The reason I was looking for average temperatures for Los Angeles was to confirm my suspicion and experience that yes, mid-September is when the weather usually breaks. If that holds and we don’t have an Indian summer, it’s still going to be close to another month before the temperatures start to drop. If we do have Indian summer conditions, God help us.

For me it’s not much of a problem since I usually work at a desk in front of a computer. Those restaurants that are serving food outside have it much worse. They have to deal with the high temperatures which affect not only their clientele but the staff serving food. Some restaurants that already had patio dining maybe in a better situation. If they have misters that cooldown the ambient temperature they’ll be in good shape. Those like the Hill Street Café on Glenoaks Boulevard we have set up temporary, we hope, awnings don’t have that luxury.

I’m looking forward to September, October in the winter months. I’ve had enough of this heat to last me the rest of my life. Let’s just hope and pray that August and soon and where into September before we know it and can enjoy some cooler temperatures and a respite from this Sun Valley heat.

August Sets Record Temps in Sun Valley
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August Sets Record Temps in Sun Valley
Jose Mier, Sun Valley businessman, laments the record high temperatures that are plaguing Sun Valley in August.
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