Jose Mier Tours Sun Valley Restaurants on Glenoaks Blvd

Jose Mier Tour of Sun Valley Restaurants

Jose Mier Take to the Road

Jose Mier Tours Sun Valley Restaurants on Glenoaks Blvd
Jose Mier Tours Sun Valley Restaurants on Glenoaks Blvd

Jose Mier here. I’ve been trying to promote our local Sun Valley restaurants to keep them in business while the COVID-19 pandemic takes its toll. We need to keep our restaurants open and functioning so that when we do start to reopen our restaurant employees can have jobs to go back to.

I’ve posted individual restaurants on my Jose Mier Sun Valley blog and will continue to do so, but I thought it might be a good idea to make a video and point out several restaurants at once to keep them in the forefront of our minds. It may also serve to remind you of restaurants you may have forgotten. If you’re watching where you spend your money you may want to spread it around to multiple restaurants instead of continually using the same favorite restaurant each time to take out or order delivery.

For this video I began my drive on Glenoaks, traveling north to Sunland Blvd. Glenoaks is our busiest main street and many of our long-time eating establishments are located on this strip. Sunland Blvd is also a prominent street so I wanted to include that too.

The restaurants featured in my video include the Hound Dog which is right across the street from Old Time Burgers. Both are just a stone’s throw away from Casa Nuova which I recently featured on this blog.

Before turning onto Sunland, our Carl’s Jr. burger place is visible. Daniel’s Tacos is just north of Carl’s and you might miss it since it’s located in a strip mall just off of Glenoaks.

Jose Mier’s Other Favorites on Sunland Blvd.

Once on Sunland there are a number of other established Sun Valley dining institutions including Zest Grill House, Mandarin Terrace next door and Town Café across the street. Our local Subway franchise is close by, also in a strip mall.

Several other restaurants are nearby as you approach the Interstate 5 on ramp. These include El Compadre and Georgio’s Pizza (also in a strip mall location) and Yoshinoya. El Pollo Loco is located across the street from Yoshinoya. A quick look at their drive through told me that they’re still doing brisk business. Seems like people still have a hankering for their unique take on grilled chicken.

Past the 5 freeway are also Starbucks and Chiguacle Sabor Ancestral.

All of these Sun Valley restaurants have been hit by this pandemic so patronizing any one of them will help them to keep going until we return to normal. My hope is that this return happens soon. As I live and work in Sun Valley, I want to do what I can to make sure this pocket of Los Angeles survives the pandemic with as little economic damage as possible. As I say in the video, let’s do our part and support these restaurants.