Jose Mier turns onto I-5 Sun Valley CA

Sun Valley Traffic Despite COVID: Jose Mier Drives I-5

More Traffic on SoCal Freeways

I occasionally gauge the traffic in Sun Valley to compare it to that during the first wave of COVID-19 shotdowns in California and my anecdotal evidence seems to be backed up by others like the Los Angeles Times.

Jose Mier turning onto I-5 Freeway Sun Valley CA
Jose Mier’s drive begins on Hollywood Way in Sun Valley

Talking about Sun Valley, CA, my drive is usually on the Southbound Interstate 5 heading toward downtown LA. On this July day at about 1 pm the traffic seemed to be at about the same as it was previous to March of this year. Also, when on the road elsewhere (e.g., to points further west such as Santa Barbara) traffic is substantial and weekend traffic sees its share of slowdowns and traffic jams. This all makes me believe that despite our economic troubles, people are still getting into cars and driving.

I have to wonder what traffic patterns and conditions will be like once CalTrans has completed work on our stretch of Interstate 5. Others feel that the project is over budget and the goals of CalTrans (to reduce congestion and pollution) are false and will not be achieved.

For me who travels this area of Sun Valley the portion between the 134 and 118 freeways has traditionally been a spot for congestion, especially at rush hour. The point at which the 170 merges with the northbound 5 is always a place where traffic gets heavier. Likewise, a few miles south at Olive Ave. traffic slows to a crawl until you get past Burbank Blvd.

Regardless, we’re seeing “normal” traffic levels here in Sun Valley as well as the rest of the Southland and stop-and-go will continue to be a way of life for us Souther Californians for the forseeable future.

Sun Valley Traffic Despite COVID: Jose Mier Drives I-5
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Sun Valley Traffic Despite COVID: Jose Mier Drives I-5
Jose Mier drives from Sun Valley to Burbank to gauge traffic levels during our second shutdown.
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