Photo of Avion Burbank construction near Sun Valley CA

July 28 Avion Burbank Sun Valley Update by Jose Mier

Sun Valley Construction Continues

The construction of the Avion Burbank project which borders Sun Valley, CA continues as crews put up more exterior walls. Building out also continues on the shells put in place earlier and the support beams which were visible a few weeks ago are gone.

Photo of Avioin Burbank exterior under construction in Sun Valley
Jose Mier’s photo of Avion Burbank July 28, 2020

The huge project is going along at a quick pace and construction as well as refinements are taking place simultaneously. The project—the largest in the San Fernando Valley—is employing hundreds of workers which is giving Sun Valley and neighboring Burbank an economic boost. It’s much-needed especially during this second phase of California shutdowns due to the coronavirus.

If you read earlier Jose Mier Avion posts, you can view the progress over time. I began recording the building a few months ago and find it fascinating to watch the way in which these huge edifices are taking shape.

Once complete, the restaurants, businesses, hotel and warehouses will also provide employment for hundreds of workers in all fields. I hope, however, that when the restaurants do open that our COVID-imposed dining restrictions will have been lifted, thereby allowing restaurant owners and employees to occupy and work in these new buildings. Sun Valley and the rest of Suothern California urgently needs just such a stimulus.

July 28 Avion Burbank Sun Valley Update by Jose Mier
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July 28 Avion Burbank Sun Valley Update by Jose Mier
Jose Mier records the current progress of the Avion Burbank project under contruction near Sun Valley, CA
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