Flour, Yes. Sprite, No.

Jose Mier Explores The Changing Landscape of Grocery Shopping in Sun Valley

The one thing we all have to do these days is buy food. We may be sequestered due to COVID shelter-at-home orders or due to the heavy smoke that is blanketing the Southland, but food is a necessity so shopping we must go.

Some things remain the same went shopping. Just as a lark, with no hope of actually finding the item, I did search at my local grocery store for disinfecting wipes. Zero in stock. On the other hand, some things have changed. For the first time since I can remember, possibly since March of this year, I was able to buy flour. Granted, I did find other stores that stocked flour and had a plentiful supply on hand. These were places like Smart and Final or an off brand grocery store like Superior in North Hollywood. They had plenty. But my local Ralphs was bereft of flour until today.

That’s the positive side. On the negative side— And I don’t know the reason for this—the shelves were empty of soda. I was searching for the mini cans, specifically Sprite Zero, and there were none to be found. In fact most of the miniature cans and even six pack bottles we’re gone, leaving empty shelves behind. As I said I don’t know the reason for this. I would think flour would be more of a staple and therefore more in demand than soda pop, and I can see why Clorox wipes are not available, but soda? If we have to evacuate on a moment’s notice is it that bottle of 7-Up you’re going to grab as you rush out the door?

These are just some of the idiosyncrasies we have to deal with in Sun Valley as we negotiate our way through more of the coronavirus as well as the fires that are plaguing Southern California. At least I can get out of the car and walk into the store with no problem. It would appear that lines outside of grocery stores are a thing of the past. Did you see my Jose Mier article on no Costco lines? Let’s hope it remains that way. Until then if you have any small cans of sprite zero let me know.

Remember the shopping lines from March? Jose Mier does.


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Four, Yes. Sprite, No.
Jose Miers finds grocery shopping in Sun Valley CA a challenge. Items appear or disappear with for apparent reason. The latest disappearance? Sodas.
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