Dealing with Stay at home Orders for Sun Valley

Jose Mier, your Sun Valley business promoter here once again. Recently Mayor Eric Garcetti and later Governor Gavin Newsom ordered California residents to stay at home for the next few days/weeks rather than expose themselves to the coronavirus to help reduce its spread. While “essential” businesses (grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies) are exempted from this business shutdown, most people are urged to stay home and work from home when possible.

With schools closed in Sun Valley, that means a lot of children will be spending twenty four hours a day at home with their parents. As any parent could tell you, this has all the potential to drive homebound parents and children nuts. Also, both adults and children need to keep active and exercise so what are our options in Sun Valley in the midst of these orders.

We’re all told to keep our “social distance” and not gather in large (upwards of 10 people) groups but going outside while remaining distant and safe is not bad. Luckily Sun Valley has some large open areas that are great for both children and adults to get some fresh air and exercise.

sun valley ca kids playing jose mier
Sun Valley Ca kids need to play

If you need to get out of the house (while remaining careful) the Fernangeles Recreation Center is available. It’s part of LA’s parks and recreation department. It’s located at 8851 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Sun Valley, CA 91352. While classes and other activities are normally offered there, right now we’re only talking about taking a walk or doing other exercises while keeping yourself and family away from others.

Another is Shelton Arleta Park at 12455 Wicks St, Sun Valley, CA 91352 which has a lot of open space available.

For more wide open spaces, there is the Mount LaTuna trialhead, located at Mount Latuna Trail, Sun Valley, CA 91352 where you can hike, get some fresh air and mountain views. I’m including a map of the local Sun Valley, CA parks so you can see which one may be closest in order to take a well-needed break from the confines of your home and let the kids blow off some energy while remaining safe.

jose mier  sun valley park map
Sin Valley CA parks locations

We’re all in this together.