Jose Mier Dines Out Once Again

Valentine’s Day in Sun Valley

Jose Mier with a Sun Valley restaurant update. As you know recently restaurants have been allowed to reopen for outdoor dining. I have my reservations–no pun intended –about the dangers of indoor dining, but regardless it’s nice to go out to eat anywhere and that’s just what I did on Sunday February 14.

I wanted to do something special for that special person in my life while at the same time supporting the Sun Valley area restaurant. Valentine’s Day Scott of a special occasion so you want to go to upscale type of restaurant and that’s what I did by choosing the Ramp restaurant on Hollywood way.

Although I’ve been getting texts from the Ramp for months and according to the last text I got they said they were opening at 4 PM on Valentine’s Day, when we got there the restaurant was almost completely full. Same with the parking lot. Regardless, we were able to park and we were able to get a table immediately. This is my first time eating at the ramp since the onset of the coronavirus and I did think that the quality of the food had gone down just a bit, but we still had a great time and the service was very good. It was windy that Sunday but despite that we did okay under the plastic tent that they erected in their parking lot. It was great to go out to dinner after being prevented from doing that for so long.

If you haven’t already done so I suggest that you go yourself or take your friends and family to one of our Sun Valley restaurants that has now reopened for on-site dining and have a great meal outside your own house.