Jose Mier photo of Ramp Restaurant Exterior

Jose Mier Supports Sun Valley Restaurants: The Ramp

Jose Mier reports on items of interest in Sun Valley, CA.

Jose Mier’s Restaurant List: #1

If you’re like me and my Sun Valley friends, you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms with regard to eating out. In the not-too-distant past it used to be a decision we could make on the spur of the moment. Whether we chose to go out to eat or stay home and cook was within our will to choose. It wasn’t a big deal. We knew we could easily make the choice. Now, however, that simple choice has been taken away from us and the simple act of getting in our cars and driving to one of our favorite restaurants seems like a faraway dream. A fairy tale that sounds great but really isn’t true.

The door hasn’t been totally closed to us, though. And if we really do miss a special dish that only our favorite restaurant serves up, we do have the option to take out. The take-out option may be the only thing allowing our Sun Valley restaurants to survive. As such, it’s really important that (if we can) we continue to support the restaurants in our community. If we can keep them going just a little longer (and who knows when the shutdown will be lifted at this point?) we will have them to return to when we they are allowed to have dine-in customers again.

Local Landmark: The Ramp

Jose Mier's photo of the Ramp Restaurant.
Sun Valley natives know the Ramp well

Since I write about Sun Valley I want to concentrate on promoting our own Sun Valley restaurants. For this article I chose to showcase a Sun Valley/Burbank institution: The Ramp. The Ramp restaurant has been a fixture here for years and those of us locals know it well. Previously owned for decades by former Burbank mayor Gary Bric, the Ramp is now serving Italian food. The interior and vibe has not changed much since it changed hands and it feel very comfortable. It’s long been a local watering hole. I was used to seeing the same familiar faces at the bar each time I want there to eat.

It’s aptly-named since it is situated right at the on-ramp to the 5 freeway on Hollywood Way. The address is 7730 N Hollywood Way.

In addition to Italian fare like Beef Lasagna and Camberoni alla Checca, the Ramp also serves standard American items like cheeseburgers, prime rib and a blackened chicken sandwich.

Take out is available and of course you can order through UberEats, making it even easier to support the restaurant and satisfy your cravings without even having to drive to the restaurant.

If you visit the Ramp’s website you’ll also be able to sign up for their VIP list and you’ll receive text messages alerting you to the daily specials and discounts.

Let’s try to support our Sun Valley eateries as long as possible. I don’t want to see them vanish as a result of our economic hardship and I look forward to visiting them in person soon.