Avion Burank by Jose Mier near Sun Valley Ca

Jose Mier, Sun Valley and Avion Burbank

Jose Mier took a Sun Valley look at the ongoing construction of Avion Burbank.

Sun Valley, as you know, borders the city of Burbank, particularly at the edge of the Hollywood-Burbank Airport so construction in this area is of course of interest to Sun Valley residents. Those of use who live and work in Sun Valley often take Hollywood Way to get to points in Burbank, the airport or as a shortcut to other parts of our Sun Valley community

Jose Mier’s Sun Valley Tour

Over the last several weeks those of use who make this trek have been witness to the ongoing construction between Winona Ave. and Tulare Ave. Several massive structures have begun to take shape and indeed this stretch of roadway has not seen a shadow for many years. Now, with this concrete towers, the sun is blotted out as cars make their way past.

I originally thought this was part of the airport remodeling/expansion, but even I should have guessed that the scale and configuration of these big buildings did not lend themselves to airport buildings. No, I later realized after doing a little more research, that this is Avion Burbank. It’s a private development to the southeast of the airport on what for so many years was vacant land.

Avion Burbank is going to be a business park and complex with warehouses, retail, restaurants and hotel.

The airport replacement terminal work has yet to begin.

Sun Valley Traffic Increase

With the construction of Avion Burbank we’ll need to see how this affects traffic in and around Sun Valley. With increased business workers who come from outside Sun Valley will add to the traffic Hollywood Way is famous for in this area, especially at rush hour as commuters approach the 5 freeway near Glenoaks.

In addition, another airport-close hotel and its guests will add another level to traffic. I have to wonder though if all this is academic right now in the wake of our California COVID shutdown. Until airlines resume their pre-COVID capacities and start brining tourists and businesspeople to the Sun Valley area, the dream that was Avion Burbank may remain just that.

Jose Mier photo of building in Sun Valley
Screen grab of Jose Mier’s Sun Valley Tour by Avion Burbank

Regardless, it’s still an impressive sight as I drive past these new structures. I will be excited to see what the finished product looks like. For more information on Avion Burbank and the airport enhancements you can check out the Burbank City website as well as this map of the airport renovations.