How to Support Sun Valley Businesses by Jose Mier

We’re going through some tough times, that’s for sure. With the imposition of quarantines, closures and social distancing, virtually everyone in the country will be affected by the coronavirus in some way.

I’m Jose Mier and I have been a Sun Valley businessman for years. I love my community and it’s been good to me and my family so I want to do whatever I can to help those nearest me.

While we’re all taking precautions (or should be) we obviously can’t stop living our lives. I think we can be cautious but confident. Personally (and I can’t speak for anyone else), I will continue to patronize businesses in Sun Valley. Because restaurants may be among those most hardest hit by restrictions and closures (open only for take out or delivery) I will continue to do my part by taking out from these establishments.

Sun Valley Take Out Food
Support Sun Valley Restaurants

Each one of our Sun Valley restaurants employs a number of people whose livelihood if going to be affected by all this. They have bills to pay and families to support. If every restaurant shuttered its doors, the ripple effect throughout Sun Valley is going to be very large.

We need to stick together as a community, even if we’re spending more time at home. Taking out from one of our local restaurants will help them remain open and be able to pay their employees. Taking food out from a restaurant means only limited contact with others but will provide much needed income for the establishment.

Sun valley Restaurant: Mandarin Terrace
Mandarin Terrace In Sun Valley

I am a big fan of Chinese food and not the greatest cook. Plus, I just don’t have the time to create a delicious Chinese meal. That said, I still want my fix and intend to patronize our Sun Valley restaurants like Mandarin Terrace on Sunland Blvd. I hope you’ll join me in keeping our community healthy, both physically and economically, until we move past this unfortunate time.