How High Can They Go?

Jose Mier Contemplates Rising Gasoline Prices

It was just a few days ago I posted an article on rising gas prices. In a few short weeks we’ve seen them jump from the $2.60 mark to well into the 3-dollar plus range. Prices have risen even more in the few days since that post.

I think I live in a dream world sometimes, expecting things to remain static, especially when they’re good, but things don’t.

You can see it for yourself when driving through Sun Valley. Even ARCO is pushing 3 dollars for a gallon of regular gas. A recent trip to Costco had me paying $2.84. And because of our shelter in place orders during the past three months I rarely ventured out to get gas. I simply didn’t use much. A 30-cent jump is a bit of a shock.

What concerns me is that summer driving season has begun. We’re all anxious to get out of here (wherever here is) and go someplace else for a while. Rising gasoline costs coupled with many who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus is going to take a toll on how far we can travel.

Dreams of a wide open highway and cheap gas have since fizzled out. Here’s to hoping fuel prices stabilize and that we’re able to take those much-needed vacations. I’ve been on my own Sun Valley staycation for a little too long now!