Grace church campus screenshot Jose Mier Sun Valley, CA

Jose Mier On Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA

Jose Mier likes to highlight different aspects of Sun Valley, CA, one of them being churches. Of course a notable house of worship in Sun Valley is Grace Community Church.

Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, holds a significant place in the landscape of evangelical Christianity. Established in 1956 by Pastor John MacArthur, this church has grown to become one of the largest and most influential congregations in the United States. The journey of Grace Community Church is marked by its commitment to biblical teaching, unwavering adherence to conservative theology, and its role in shaping the broader evangelical movement.

Grace church campus screenshot Jose Mier Sun Valley, CA
Grace church campus screenshot Jose Mier Sun Valley, CA

Foundation and Early Years:

Grace Community Church had humble beginnings. It was founded in 1956, with only a handful of members, in the San Fernando Valley. Pastor John MacArthur, who was only 27 years old at the time, assumed leadership. MacArthur, a graduate of Talbot Theological Seminary, brought a passion for expository preaching and a commitment to the inerrancy of the Bible. From its inception, the church was characterized by a dedication to teaching the Scriptures verse by verse, a practice that would become a hallmark of its ministry.

As the church continued to grow, it moved to its current location in Sun Valley, California, in 1970. The new facilities provided ample space for the expanding congregation, and Grace Community Church continued to thrive under MacArthur’s leadership.

Doctrinal Commitments:

One of the distinguishing features of Grace Community Church is its commitment to conservative, Reformed theology. The church adheres to the principles of Calvinism, emphasizing the sovereignty of God in salvation, the authority of Scripture, and the centrality of the gospel. This theological stance is reflected in the preaching and teaching that take place within the church.

The commitment to expository preaching is a cornerstone of Grace Community Church’s approach to ministry. Expository preaching involves systematically and thoroughly expounding the meaning of a particular passage of Scripture. This method is seen as a way to faithfully communicate the intended message of the Bible, allowing the text to shape the content of sermons.

John MacArthur’s Leadership:

Pastor John MacArthur has been the central figure in the life of Grace Community Church. His leadership and teaching have played a pivotal role in shaping the church’s identity and impact. MacArthur’s commitment to the inerrancy of Scripture and his unwavering stand on biblical truth have made him a respected figure in evangelical circles.

MacArthur’s preaching style is characterized by depth, clarity, and a strong emphasis on the exposition of Scripture. He has authored numerous books, many of which have become bestsellers, further extending the reach of his theological influence. Beyond his local ministry, MacArthur has been involved in broader evangelical initiatives and has been a prominent speaker at conferences and events.

The Master’s University and Seminary:

In addition to the local church ministry, Grace Community Church has established educational institutions known as The Master’s University (TMU) and The Master’s Seminary (TMS). TMU offers undergraduate programs in various disciplines, while TMS focuses on graduate-level theological education. These institutions reflect the church’s commitment to training the next generation of Christian leaders with a solid biblical foundation.

The Master’s Seminary, in particular, has gained recognition for its emphasis on preparing pastors and church leaders for effective ministry. The seminary’s faculty includes scholars and theologians who share the commitment to biblical inerrancy and the authority of Scripture.

Controversies and Legal Challenges:

In 2020, Grace Community Church gained national attention for its defiance of COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the state of California. Pastor John MacArthur, along with the church’s leadership, made a controversial decision to resume in-person worship services in direct violation of public health orders. This move sparked a legal battle with the state, with the church arguing that the government restrictions infringed upon its constitutional right to freely exercise religion.

The legal challenges brought Grace Community Church into the spotlight, highlighting broader debates about the balance between religious freedom and public health concerns during the pandemic. The church’s stance on this issue resonated with some who saw it as a principled stand for religious liberty, while others criticized it as a disregard for public safety measures.

Impact on Evangelicalism:

Grace Community Church’s influence extends beyond its local congregation. Through John MacArthur’s preaching, writing, and the training provided by The Master’s Seminary, the church has played a role in shaping the broader landscape of evangelicalism. Its commitment to conservative theology and biblical fidelity has resonated with many believers seeking a church that holds fast to traditional doctrinal convictions.

The church’s emphasis on expository preaching has also contributed to a renewed appreciation for in-depth biblical teaching within evangelical circles. Many pastors and church leaders have looked to Grace Community Church as a model for faithful exposition of Scripture.


Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, stands as a testament to the enduring impact of a local congregation committed to biblical truth and the faithful exposition of Scripture. From its modest beginnings in the 1950s, the church has grown into a major force within evangelicalism, influencing both its members and the wider Christian community. The commitment to conservative theology, expository preaching, and the training of future leaders through The Master’s University and Seminary has solidified Grace Community Church’s place in the history of American evangelicalism. However, the controversies and legal challenges of recent years also underscore the complex intersection of religious freedom, public health, and societal responsibilities that houses of worship like Grace Community Church navigate in the modern context. Whether in its local ministry or broader impact, Grace Community Church continues to be a significant player in the ever-evolving landscape of evangelical Christianity.