Avion Burbank Sun Valley CA website screen shot

Jose Mier Documents Avion Burbank Progress in Sun Valley

Jose Mier’s Camera Records New Construction

Jose Mier brings news items of interest to Sun Valley, California.

It’s hard not to notice the largest project of its kind in the San Fernando Valley when it’s going up right in your back yard. That’s the case with Avion Burbank, the 60-acre mixed-use development that began construction last year and is proceeding at a brisk pace. If you’ve read my earlier Jose Mier Sun Valley posts you have seen the progress in the other videos I’ve taken.

Avion Burbank Sun Valley CA website screen shot
Jose Mier: Best thing to happen to Sun Valley in decades

The land which encompasses parts of Sun Valley and Burbank, just north of the airport continues to grow to completion. The progress is so fast I wanted to record it at different stages to have a record of it when it’s finished.

Jose Mier thinks Sun Valley’s economy will boom after this is done.

Overton Moore Properties is the owner/developer of the site and they bought this area of land from the Airport Authority a few years ago.

In my video you can see the final exterior taking shape at the southeast corner of the development. A look at the Avion Burbank website shows architectural representations of what the finished product will look like and it’s impressive. With 60 acres which will include landscaped walkways, the area will not just be industrial or retail but will have the feel of a park. With hotels, restaurants and retail stores on site it is sure to attract its share of Southern California shoppers and diners. The location of a hotel in the complex will attract those arriving to SoCal through the Hollywood-Burbank airport.

Jose Mier in Praise of Avion Website

As their press release states this is the largest infill project in the San Fernando Valley and it looks it. While it’s not clear which stores and restaurants will occupy the space, it seems as if that’s unimportant. The space itself will be so attractive that it should attract visitors who are merely curious to take a look and experience this new updated Sun Valley attraction.

Because Avion Burbank borders on Sun Valley, I surmise the affect on property values in the area will increase which means another big boost to the Sun Valley economy. All of this is great news especially given the hit our economy has taken due to the coronavirus shutdowns.

Avion Burbank Sun Valley CA website artist's rendering
Compare artist’s rendering to Jose Mier video

If you haven’t done so already I urge you to take a look at the Avion Burbank website to get a feel for what the completed development will look like. The architectural renderings are impressive (we’ve come a long way from the days of hand-drawn atritst’s conceptual drawings). It’s one way to be able to take a virtual tour of the space. Until it’s complete, these poor Jose Mier videos will have to suffice.