Sun Valley, CA Doghaus restaurant Jose Mier

Jose Mier Discusses New DogHaus Biergarten in Sun Valley, CA

The Absolute Wurst!

Jose Mier, your man about Sun Valley, CA, loves hot dogs and that’s great. In fact, Sun Valley now has a new gourmet hot dog place in the DogHaus Biergarten at the new Avion Burbank development.

Sun Valley, CA Doghaus restaurant Jose Mier
Sun Valley, CA Doghaus restaurant a Jose Mier fave

Dog Haus is a popular and innovative restaurant chain that has gained a reputation for its unique take on the classic American hot dog. Founded in 2010 by three friends—Quasim Riaz, André Vener, and Hagop Giragossian—Dog Haus has rapidly expanded across the United States, becoming a favorite among food enthusiasts for its creative menu, high-quality ingredients, and commitment to providing a memorable dining experience.

Origin and Founding:

Dog Haus originated in Pasadena, California, where the founders set out to redefine the traditional hot dog and burger experience. The trio, each with their own expertise in the food and beverage industry, aimed to create a brand that combined their passion for delicious food with a casual and inviting atmosphere.

Quasim Riaz, with a background in finance and real estate, joined forces with André Vener and Hagop Giragossian, both experienced in the restaurant business. Together, they envisioned a concept that would elevate the humble hot dog to new heights, integrating gourmet ingredients and bold flavors.

Concept and Menu:

The concept of Dog Haus revolves around serving hot dogs, sausages, and burgers made with high-quality, hormone-free meat and creative toppings. The menu offers a variety of signature Haus Dogs, which feature a diverse range of flavors and international influences. Notable options include “The Fonz,” with Italian sausage, pastrami, and spicy brown mustard, and the “Downtown Dog,” featuring a smoked bacon-wrapped dog topped with caramelized onions and mayo.

Beyond hot dogs, Dog Haus has expanded its menu to include a selection of Haus Burgers, including the popular “The Freiburger,” a beef patty topped with white American cheese, fries, Haus slaw, fried egg, and mayo. The incorporation of unique and unexpected ingredients sets Dog Haus apart from traditional fast-food chains.

Quality Ingredients and Partnerships:

One of the key factors contributing to Dog Haus’s success is its commitment to using high-quality, premium ingredients. The restaurant sources hormone-free meat for its hot dogs and burgers, ensuring a superior taste and a more health-conscious dining option for customers.

Moreover, Dog Haus has established partnerships with local suppliers and artisans to support the communities where its restaurants are located. This commitment to local sourcing not only adds a fresh and regional touch to the menu but also aligns with the broader trend of sustainability and ethical sourcing in the food industry.

Signature Sides and Craft Beer:

Complementing its main offerings, Dog Haus provides a range of signature sides that further enhance the dining experience. The restaurant’s Haus Fries, which come in various styles such as “Cajun,” “Chili Cheese,” and “Truffle,” are particularly popular among customers. These sides reflect the same commitment to quality and creativity as the main dishes.

To elevate the overall experience, Dog Haus often includes a selection of craft beers to pair with its menu items. The carefully curated beer list features local and regional brews, adding another layer to the brand’s emphasis on community engagement and support for local businesses.

Expansion and Franchising:

Dog Haus experienced rapid growth following its initial success in Pasadena. The brand’s popularity led to the decision to franchise, allowing entrepreneurs and investors to bring the Dog Haus experience to their communities. This approach facilitated the widespread expansion of the chain, with locations popping up across the United States.

The franchise model adopted by Dog Haus allowed for a standardized approach to quality and customer experience while also providing flexibility for regional variations in the menu to cater to local tastes. The expansion strategy has proven successful, with Dog Haus becoming a recognizable and sought-after brand in the competitive fast-casual dining sector.

Modern and Inviting Atmosphere:

Beyond its culinary offerings, Dog Haus places a strong emphasis on creating a modern and inviting atmosphere for its customers. The restaurant’s design combines industrial elements with a casual and vibrant aesthetic, creating a space that feels both contemporary and comfortable. This ambiance aligns with the brand’s positioning as a destination for those seeking a unique and enjoyable dining experience.

Dog Haus locations often feature spacious outdoor patios, contributing to a relaxed and social atmosphere. The attention to detail in the restaurant’s design underscores its commitment to offering not just a meal but a memorable outing for patrons.

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility:

As Dog Haus expanded its footprint, the brand demonstrated a commitment to giving back to the communities it serves. This commitment is evident through various initiatives, including local charity partnerships, fundraisers, and community events. By actively engaging with the neighborhoods surrounding its restaurants, Dog Haus has established itself as a socially responsible and community-oriented brand.

The company’s involvement in charitable activities extends beyond local partnerships. Dog Haus has been involved in national campaigns and events, leveraging its platform to support causes related to hunger, education, and healthcare. This approach has helped build a positive brand image and foster a sense of loyalty among customers who appreciate businesses that contribute to the well-being of society.

Challenges and Adaptations:

While Dog Haus has experienced significant success, like any restaurant chain, it has faced challenges. The competitive nature of the food industry and changing consumer preferences necessitate adaptability. Dog Haus has demonstrated a willingness to evolve its menu and marketing strategies to stay relevant.

Additionally, external factors such as economic downturns or global events can impact the restaurant industry. The COVID-19 pandemic, for example, prompted many establishments, including Dog Haus, to adapt to new regulations and consumer behaviors. Quick pivots to emphasize takeout and delivery services, as well as the implementation of safety measures within the restaurants, showcased the brand’s ability to navigate challenging circumstances.


In conclusion, Dog Haus has emerged as a standout player in the fast-casual dining scene, offering a unique and elevated take on classic American fare. The brand’s commitment to quality ingredients, innovative menu items, and a modern, inviting atmosphere has resonated with a diverse customer base. Through strategic expansion, franchising, and community engagement, Dog Haus has carved out a niche for itself in a competitive market.

The success of Dog Haus goes beyond its delicious hot dogs and burgers; it reflects a well-rounded approach that encompasses culinary creativity, community involvement, and adaptability to changing circumstances. As the restaurant chain continues to grow and evolve, it will be intriguing to see how it navigates future challenges while maintaining its core values and commitment to providing a memorable dining experience.