Obesity in Sun Valley, CA - Jose Mier

When You Eat Out, Don’t Pig Out

Jose Mier Tips for Sun Valley Dining

Jose Mier reporting from Sun Valley, CA. Did you know 1 in 4 residents in Sun Valley is overweight?  Maybe it’s our sedentary lifestyles—spending more time in from on the TV, computer or gaming screen and not as much time outside. Who knows. The fact is that percentage is too high. And obesity accounts for many of the most deadly diseases afflicting us Americans.

Obesity in Sun Valley, CA - Jose Mier
Obesity in Sun Valley, CA – Jose Mier

Americans now eat two out of 3 meals outside the home. If you’re on a weight loss program, that can mean difficulty. How can you enjoy your restaurant experience and still reduce weight?

Follow some essentials guidelines no matter what kind of cuisine you’re about to enjoy.

Send out the bread and butter back to the cooking area. You can take in 200 to 300 calories chewing on bread before you even get to the entrée.

Have a low fat, low calorie appetizer. It will fend off hunger pains and provide you more will power or maybe that ought to be ‘won’t power’, when it concerns dessert. Select a seafood mixed drink, clear soup, or vegetable meal.

Order a salad and have the dressing on the side. Dip the branches of your fork in the salad dressing and after that spear the salad. You’ll taste the dressing but eat less of it. Olive oil and vinegar is your best option for dressing.

Select fish or chicken instead of red meat or pork.

Select grilled, broiled, or roasted rather of fried.

Ask for an extra veggie instead of potato or other starch.

Sauces on the side always.

Select a dish that follows your diet guidelines however that you wouldn’t usually prepare in the house.

There are other ways to minimize calories when you’re dining out. Have a salad, soup or appetiser, and split the entrée and dessert. Divided it with yourself if no one will divide it with you. Ask the waiter to instantly pack up half for you to take home.

If you like red wine with your meal order it by the glass. It’s less expensive by the bottle however it’s simpler to keep putting rather than ask the waiter for a brand-new glass of wine. Treat yourself to a more costly wine than you ‘d typically order by the bottle. Numerous restaurants these days have a nice list of white wines they provide by the glass.

Consume at least one complete glass of water with your meal. It will slow down how quick you’re eating, since you’ll stop to drink.

If you should have dessert, have fruit for dessert. Fruit may not be on the menu however the cooking area will probably oblige. A meal of fresh raspberries can be just as pleasing as a slice of cake.

Do not put your diet technique on hold when you eat in restaurants and you’ll continue to reduce weight

Americans now consume two out of 3 meals outside the home. You’ll taste the dressing but consume less of it. Have a salad, appetizer or soup , and divided the entrée and dessert. If you like white wine with your meal order it by the glass. Have fruit for dessert if you must have dessert.


When You Eat Out, Don't Pig Out
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When You Eat Out, Don't Pig Out
Eat out in Sun Valley? Don't overdo it. 25 % of us in Sun Valley are overweight. Jose MIer lists some steps to take to keep from adding pounds.
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