jose mier sun valley travel agent

Jose Mier Has His Own Sun Valley Travel Organization

Do you like to travel? I do. And living in Sun Valley, CA we’re right by Burbank airport so air travel is super convenient. Aside from my regular business I found I, Jose Mier, could become my own travel agent.

Would you like to take a trip more? Would you travel more if you could find some veritable bargains, for instance half or more off the regular market price, not just the AARP or business discount of around ten percent typically available at motels?

If you do like to take a trip, I’m sure you have actually gone the route of search-engine searches for discount travel, only to discover the major Internet reserving engines with their fancy “lowest prices ensured” all offer exactly the same prices.

jose mier sun valley travel agent
jose mier sun valley travel agent

The truth be understood, some bargains do raise their heads above all the “most affordable prices guaranteed” but good luck finding them. I believe there is, and you can turn take a trip into business.

Yes, those deals are there, reserved for the travel professional in the form of travel advantages, organization tax deductions and sales commissions. Think about these points:

– Own your own reservation engine and make commissions on all travel booked through your site– your own travel and the travel of anybody and everybody that you can drive to your booking engine.

– Operate a genuine travel business and you can use company tax reductions to your own travel as long as you include that travel in your organization strategy, and you keep precise records.

– Many travel industry services use orientation trips, FAM journeys for brief, to professional travel representatives and agencies so that they can then “sell” these services to their customers. These FAM journeys may offer big discounts or totally free lodgings and journeys when the agent books 8-10 customers for the exact same lodging or journey.

– Travel agents can build their own FAM trips calling the travel supplier straight, offering some kind of ad back home, and asking for travel expert discounts.

Sun Valley is a great starting point for Jose Mier

Next month my partner and I are taking a quick summer vacation to Canon City, Colorado, for a 2-hour train trip in a vista-dome through the Royal Gorge and a 1/2 day white-water rafting adventure in Bighorn Sheep Canyon. We have actually obtained 2 nights’ lodging because we want to further check out the business chances in the location. We contacted the vendors as travel expert with a deal to do a write-up on their business and release it on the Internet. In return we received 1/2 off the raft journey and the lodging and complimentary tickets for two for the train trip. After applying organization tax deductions, we estimate that we will realize close to a 70% cost savings or $300 on this one very brief journey. Not too shabby!

You can indeed travel for less and take a trip more. Your travel can become your job. What a terrific life!

I think there is, and you can turn travel into company.

We called the suppliers as travel expert with an offer to do a write-up on their company and publish it on the Internet. You can indeed take a trip for less and travel more.

Jose Mier Has His Own Sun Valley Travel Organization
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Jose Mier Has His Own Sun Valley Travel Organization
Jose Mier has his own Sun Valley travel company. He suggests starting your own to take advantage of lower prices.
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